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Strategic Business Planning


Many organizations spend most of their time reacting to unexpected changes instead of anticipating and preparing for them. This is called crisis management. Organizations caught off guard may spend a great deal of time and energy "playing catch up". They use up their energy coping with immediate problems with little energy left to anticipate and prepare for the next challenges. This vicious cycle locks many organizations into a reactive posture.  It does not have to be that way. A sensible alternative is The 7 Steps to Business Excellence™ which is an award winning way to accomplish strategic planning and most importantly provides a viable alternative to crisis management. Strategic planning is a step by step process with definite objectives and end products that can be implemented and evaluated. Very simply, it is a process by which we look into the future, paint a picture of that future based on current trends, and influence the forces that will affect us. Strategic planning looks three to five years ahead. It charts the course!

Organizational Design and Change Management


Grow smart. What happens to organizations as they grow, and how should your organization respond to needs for change to cope with the consequences of growth? For many, organizational design is a mystery and the results less than desirable. Brightworks provides the organization with an effective approach and a practical way to insure the way their organization is designed and assets are developed, result in sustainable returns.








Continuous Process Improvement


Quality first. We believe continual improvement results in new levels of success and ROI.  Continuous improvement is a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. Working to constantly improve is the number one way in which many businesses reduce their  operating overhead. Continuous improvement as part of the DNA of an organization helps to streamline workflows. With these improved workflows, your organization saves time and money, ultimately reducing wasted time and effort. Our Consultants are highly experienced in creating implementing continuous process improvement strategies designed to fit the needs of your organization.





Place Based Strategies


Place matters. Communities with meaningful impact are invested in the places where they live, work and play. Brightworks  has focused on the significance of place: how a community supports the lives of the people who live there, how overlapping investments in a particular place can be coordinated and better aligned to increase impact, and how an understanding of community context improves the efficacy of service delivery. We have place based strategies for organizations to stand out not only their industry, but to insure meaningful impact is felt at the local level.






Executive Coaching


Set apart. Brightworks Consulting offers a distinctive approach to coaching. We work with the
C-Suite and Executive keeping in mind that we are part of larger system: the organization, the community and society. We explore unique solutions by helping executives regain energy, a renewed sense of purpose and a roadmap bringing greater awareness and intention in the day-to-day. Brightworks offers one:one executive coaching to provide a confidential space for leaders to explore and gain insight into what’s happening in their career, organization and sphere of influence. It is a space where you will receive the meaningful challenge you need to critically reflect on your thinking, relationships and leadership style. Your coach is not a teacher but a partner in a learning process who believes in your potential. Fulfill your potential!



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